Our Goals

We Strive For Corporate Goals


Our corporate goals

  •  To manage and enhance the existing resources of the corporation for sustainable flow on commercial benefits.
  •  To improve the productivity & quality of the existing rubber and other products.
  •  To enhance the skills of existing human resources
  •  Re-planting and Re-stocking of Rubber in the Rubber Estates of the corporation
  •  Strive for excellence in achieving qualitative and quantitative goals set for the latex centrifuging Factory & crepe mill at Takmacherra.
  •  Impart training to budding entrepreneurs in setting up of down stream rubber based industries in Tripura at the newly created Process – Cum Product Development Centre at Anandanagar.
  • Setting up of Technically specified Rubber ( Block Rubber ) unit
  • Value addition of rubber wood for export of world quality timber through chemical treatment and setting up of Tripura Rubco Rubwood Pvt Ltd. With Rubco Haut woods Pvt. Ltd. Kerala.
  •  Creation of marketing facility for rubber and related products.

Socio-economical goals

  • Ø Rehabilitation of tribal Shifting Cultivators (jhumias) on rubber plantations.
  •  Raising of rubber plantation for socio-economic upliftment of schedule caste & other economically backward people.
  •  Diversification of existing activity by way of cultivation of medicinal plants, cultivation of honey, etc.

Forestry Sector Goals

  • Conservation of forests and rehabilitation of degraded forest lands
  •  Raising of bamboo plantation and subsequent value addition.
  •  Raising of fuel wood plantation for conservation & enrichment of Biomass and to meet the demand of fuel wood in the rural areas.