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Technically Specified Rubber ( TSR )

Foundation stone of the TSR Factory was laid by Sri Jitendra Chowdhury, Hon’ble Minister for

 Forests, Tripura on 31st October 2007at Takmacherra, South Tripura .In order to incorporate following properties so as to meet future market demand the Rubber needs to processed into TSR.

·         Uniformity in properties as the synthetic rubber is prepared in factories under predetermined conditions.

·         Technical specification of products.

·         The flexibility of being processed in tailor cut forms as per requirement of the consumption.

So, the natural rubber producing countries are making earnest efforts to improve the appearance, presentation and grading of the rubber produced by them and developments seen today in production of Block Rubber (Technically Specified Rubber – TSR ) and crumb rubber are the results of this.
To keep pace with market the Corporation intends to set up a Technically Specified Rubber ( TSR) production unit with investment of Rs. 300 lakhs.The raw materials used for the production of Block Rubber are field latex and or field coagulum. Production of block rubber from field latex or field coagulum grade involves unit operation such as pre-cleaning, blending, washing, final size reduction, coagulation, dripping, drying, baling as 25kgs blocks, packing, testing and grading.

Process Flow Chart for TSR Production

TFDPC Industrial Estate 

Inauguration of Tripura Rubber Wood Factory, Unakoti Crafts and Furniture Unit and Foundation Stone laying ceremony of Door Manufacturing Unit at TFDPC Industrial Estate, Tripura :

The inauguration of first ever Solid Rubber Wood Board Factory named Tripura Rubber Wood

Factory and common facility centre named Unakoti Crafts and Furniture Unit for making of furniture from Rubber Wood using imported machineries and Foundation Stone laying of Door Manufacturing Unit for value addition of resources available in Tripura was solemnised on 20th of November, 2007 at TFDPC Industrial Estate. 

Sri Manik Sarkar, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Tripura; Sri Jitendra Chowdhury, Hon’ble Forest Minister, Tripura; Sri Anil Sarkar, Hon’ble SC Welfare Minister, Tripura; Sri Pabitra Kar, Chairman TIDC; Sri Subrata Chakraborty, MLA; Smt Pramila Roy, Chairperson Dukli Panchayat Samiti; Sri R.P Tangwan, PCCF Tripura; Sri Jashbir Tripura, Hon’ble Chairman TFDPC Ltd. and Dr. V.K. Bahuguna, Managing Director TFDPC Ltd. graced this occasion.


Tripura Rubber Wood Factory

World Timber Trade in Solid Wood Boards is in high demand in the world. In order to keep pace with

 modern technology and also to tap the available market, this factory aims at producing Solid Wood Boards from Treated Rubber Wood using most advanced technology. Rubber logs, cut into small sections, will first be chemically treated followed by scientific seasoning.


Pieces of similar section after being sorted and dressed in four side planner are passed through finger shaping machine followed by glue application on fingers and these timber pieces are hydraulically pressed in finger assemblers to form a long length of timber.


Then glue is applied on timber so obtained and is compressed in rotary composer followed by sanding in wide belt sander and on finishing produces Solid Wood Boards. The boards produced match the strength and durability of any other hard wood.

These boards can be cut, shaped and curved as desired to give interior elegance, beauty and charm. The solid wood boards will be exported and shall also feed the domestic market in North-East and other parts of the country.




Detail project profile is given below

1. Project Cost:- Rs. 6.01 Crores

2. Products:- Solid Wood Boards and Beams

3. Main Raw Material:- Rubber Logs.

4. Raw Material Required:- 2,40,000 CFT of logs (Approx. 180 ha Plantation)

5. Output:- 60,000 CFT of panel boards

6. Expected Turnover:- 6.10 Crores ( at 90% capacity from third year onwards)

7. Manpower required:- 180 nos (including Technical personnel).

Civil construction of the building has been done by state PWD. Most of the important machineries of

the project are imported from Germany and China.


The finger Joint machine, which is the prime machine for production of world class boards is the best machine so far installed in India.


This unit was formally inaugurated by Sri Manik Sarkar, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Tripura on 20th November 2007 and dedicated to people of Tripura.


Full fledged commercial production had already started from July, 2008. 

Unakoti Crafts & Furniture Unit

In an attempt to popularize and promote eco-friendly Rubber Wood in the country, a carpentry unit

was setup at TFDPC Industrial Estate. The products of this unit received tremendous appreciation and response from all concern.


The carpentry unit was modernized by installing best machines available in the world and renamed as Unakoti Crafts and Furniture Unit and started producing world-class furniture.

This unit is so equipped now that carpentry works like tennoning, mortising, thickness planning, sanding, finishing etc can be done with much more precision. Work areas are properly ventilated and made dust free for better working atmosphere. 

Facility created is such that 300 carpenters can work simultaneously for making world Class

furniture. TFDPC adopted PPP model of functioning in its Furniture Business.


Presently two firms are working along with the Corporation and getting benefited by using our infrastructure for furniture manufacture.

This aims at entrepreneurship development among unemployed youth.

This unit was formally inaugurated by Sri Jitendra Chowdhury, Hon’ble Forest Minister, Tripura on 20th November 2007 and dedicated to people of Tripura.


Door Manufacturing Unit

Door made from Solid Rubber Wood are mainly used as main door of the house whereas panel doors are used for internal doors between the rooms. Both have good market in the country as

plenty of houses are being built in the country. Door also has immense export potential. 

Treated Rubber Wood and Solid Rubber Wood Board both manufactured at the TFDPC Industrial Estate can be used as starting material for door manufacturing. 

Foundation stone of the Door Manufacturing Unit was laid by Sri Manik Sarkar, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Tripura on 20th November 2007 at TFDPC Industrial Estate. 

Major Raw material :-Solid wood boards & treated Timber
Availability of Raw material :- Solid Wood Boards and Treated Rubber Wood is produced in the same Industrial Estate. 

1. Capital required Rs. 508.40 Lakhs
2. Production Capacity per annum:- 18,000 Doors
3. Expected Revenue per annum:- Rs. 540.00 lakhs
4. Expenditure per annum:- Rs. 409.60 lakhs
5. Profit per annum:- Rs. 130.40 lakhs
6. Employment potential:- 68 
The market :- Domestic and Export market.

Timber Treatment Plant

The Timber Treatment Plant which was setup in the year 1999 was upgraded to enhance the

production capacity.


Electrical Seasoning Kiln is introduced to reduce the air pollution.


The total production of treated Rubber sawn timber from this unit during the year 2006-07 was 356 cum and the revenue earned was 54.79 lakhs during the year 2006-07.