Our Organization


Our Organization

Tripura Forest Development & Plantation Corporation Ltd.
(A Government of Tripura undertaking)
Abhoynagar Agartala, Tripura: 799 005
Telephone: 0381-2354763
Fax: (0381)235-9238.

No.F.2-149/Estt/TFDPC-09/457-93                                      Dated,25/04/2009


Sub: Work allocation in Tripura Forest Dev. & Plantation Corporation Ltd. (TFDPC) & M&E

 1. Work allocation:
1.1. Work allocation in the corporate HQ of TFDPC is made as per the organization chart given below:

1.2. Executive Director (ED) and Company Secretary will submit files to the MD. General Manager, Industries (GM), Divisional Manager, Headquarters (DM, HQ) and the Chief Accounts Officer (CAO) will submit files and report to the ED. 

1.3. ED will perform functions assigned to GM and DM HQ till they take up their positions in the HQ. The CAO similarly will look after the functions assigned to the Company Secretary till one is appointed.

2. Monitoring and Evaluation

2.1. The ED and GM shall, apart from the work allocation in TFDPC HQ mentioned above, monitor and evaluate the activities of Divisions and Industrial Estates on a regular basis as allocated to them hereunder:

2.2. The ED and GM shall submit monitoring and evaluation reports to the MD for units under their charge for each quarter by the 2nd week of July, October, January and March respectively.

2.3. Field Executives, being Heads of Divisions and Industrial Estates, shall generally address the MD in communication with HQ. The following indication –“KIND ATTENTION ED/GM/CAO” may be printed below the subject and reference of letters to ensure prompt attention by the concerned officer.  


3.1. The HQ shall maintain two sets of dak pads, one for the MD and other for the ED. Dak from external sources including the State Government, Central Government and other organizations shall be placed before the MD and shall also be seen by ED at the dak stage before docketing. Rest of the mail shall be placed before the ED and he will mark them according to work allocation to the GM, DM HQ and CAO for perusal before docketing. Officers perusing any document in dak stage shall put their dated initials. 

3.2. Office Superintendent will monitor for timely processing of mail by concerned section-in-charge/dealing assistants depending on priority and importance; and difficulties, if any, shall be reported to the DM HQ. 



No mail or dak that calls for urgent or time bound response shall remain unattended even when the MD or the ED are out of station; and the senior most officer or Office Assistant present in HQ shall act upon such documents, if necessary, in consultation over phone with the ED or the MD. 

This order will take immediate effect.