Pilak Door Factory

                                                                      PILAK DOOR FACTORY

                                                TFDPC Industrial Estate, Anandanagar, West Tripura



TFDPC Ltd. - in service of Tripura

1.Tripura Forest Development and Plantation Corporation Limited (a Public Sector Undertaking of Government of Tripura) established in 1976 with mandate of re-vegetation of Degraded Forestland, Rehabilitation of Jhumias and poor tribals families through Rubber Plantation and Management of Rubber Plantation. In addition, the corporation is working for promotion of Rubber based industries, Rubber wood based industries and value addition to non-timber forest products at its industrial establishments at Takmacherra in South District and Anandnagar in West district. TFDPC is constantly making profits during the last eight years.


2. Transforming waste into wealth

The establishment of TFDPC Industrial Estate Ananadnagar situated 12 km from Agaratla city is one of the steps towards industrialization. In the year 1999, TFDPC Ltd. was the first in the state to set up factory for Processing, Chemical Treatment and  Scientific Seasoning of Rubber Timber which earlier was of no value. The treated Rubber wood is used for making Solid Rubber Wood Boards, a value added product which is used for manufacturing of furniture. The treated Rubber wood serves as alternate source of timber thus reducing the pressure on pristine forests for timber. Keeping in view the huge demand of Solid Wood Boards across the world, TFDPC Ltd has established a Solid Rubber Wood Board manufacturing unit Tripura Rubber Wood Factory, inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Tripura on 20th November 2007 with State of the Art Technology using imported machineries from Germany, China and Taiwan.


3. Value Addition Endeavours

TFDPC also setup “ Unakoti Crafts and Furniture (UCF) unit, at Industrial Estate, AnadaNagar. “Unakoti” is a site of archeological importance in “Unakoti district” in Northern part of Tripura. It is the pioneer carpentry unit using treated rubber wood in North Eastern region of country which was not finding market hitherto. The carpentry unit was modernized by installing state of art machinery and was formally inaugurated by Hon’ble Forest Minister, Tripura on 20th November 2007, dedicating to the people of Tripura. The UCF Unit is equipped with machinery for carpentry works Tennoning, Mortising, Thickness planning, Sanding, Finishing etc which can be done with high precision. The unit is properly ventilated and made dust free using dust control systems to provide healthy working atmosphere. It can accommodate 200 carpenters who can work simultaneously for making world Class furniture by Self Help Groups and partners under Private Public Partnership (PPP) model. Two partners working with us are M/s Alamode and M/s woody’s furniture. The Estate provides employment opportunities to local artisans and develops entrepreneurship among local youth. The annual outturn of factory has crossed Rs 2.2 crores during last 4-5 years.


4. Product Line Diversification using Bamboo

For proper utilization of Bamboo resources, a common facility centre for Value Addition in Bamboo products for creation of self-employment has been set up in the Estate. Skill up gradation programme for local youth mainly for women in various aspects of Bamboo furniture making is one of the major objectives of the Unit. The products manufactured in the unit has already got appreciation for their unique designs and use of Chemically treated, termite, borer and insect resistance bamboo’s. The unique designs include the mix of bamboo and Rubberwood boards/timber. The podiums, dividers, chairs, trolleys at very competitive prices have received wide acclaim. An MOU has been signed with FRI Dehradun for technology transfer for making Bamboo Boards using destructured Bamboos/ waste cellulosic materials for use in Bamboo furniture.


5. A firm stride towards industrialization of the state- PILAK Door Factory

The raising demand of Rubber Wood Doors & Windows all over the world & appropriate utilization of Products of Tripura Rubber Wood Factory & Timber treatment Plant, TFDPC’s steps towards setting up of “Pilak Door Factory”. “Pilak” is a site of archaeological importance in Belonia district located in southern Tripura. The factory has the assembly of machineries for manufacturing state of art design Door, Windows & Kitchen Shutters and Skin Doors for adding wealth to the waste. The main assembly line consists of planner, sanders, edge banding machine, hot press, CNC router, paint shop, composer and dust collection unit. An MOU has been signed with IPIRTI Banglore for transfer of technology for making of Bamboo Dhari skin for Doors.


A brief outline about the Factory

1. Total Investment :- :- Rs. 6.90 Crores

i) Infrastructure & civil construction :- Rs. 286.47 Lakhs

ii) Electrification :- Rs. 44.33 Lakhs

iii) Machineries & Equipment :- Rs. 258.66 Lakhs

iv) Preliminary Expenses :- Rs. 26.32 lakhs

v) Product development :- Rs. 49.93 Lakhs

vi) Contingency provisions :- Rs. 24.20 Lakhs

Total :- Rs. 689.91 Lakhs


2. Funding

i) Ministry of Commerce & Industries, GOI:- Rs. 5.08 Crores

ii) Funds released so far :- Rs.1.96 Cr.

iii)TFDPC :- Rs. 1.82 Crores


3. Construction :-National Project Construction Corporation.

4. Supplier of Machineries :-Sandeep Industrial Corporation, Ludhiana

5. Electrification :- Multi Traders, Agartala

6. Raw Material :- Timber & Boards produced in the Estate.

7. Products:- Door & Window Frame, Door, Window & Kitchen Shutters, Skin Doors etc.

8. Production Capacity :- 40 Doors per day

9. Employment potential :- 68 persons


The vision – Endeavor to be No. 1 in Asia in next three years


1. TFDPC is in the process of getting Forest Stewardship Certification for Forest Management & Chain of Custody, an essential certification required for exporting Doors, Windows & other Rubber Wood Products especially in European Countries. FSC certification will also help in export and in approaching the international markets with ease. In international arena, the plantations wood are preferred than the wood coming from natural forests. It will help in fulfilling TFDPC’s commitment to export the doors.


2. The product lines shall include Doors, windows, kitchen shutters etc. The variations shall include the wooden doors made of Rubber board for exteriors, skin doors for interiors, doors made from boards made of destructured bamboos and Dhari skin and plasticised wood composites to have products in all price ranges. The collaborative research endeavours are on with related institutions/agencies.


3. Today the buyer is well informed and wants choices. The customised designs is going to be Unique Selling Proposition(USP) of Pilak doors wherein Doors shall be prepared as per design and choice of the customer.

4. As the timbers are coming from our own plantations, the pricing shall propel us in competitive arena, making a niche in national and international markets. The extra transportation cost from Tripura to port of landing can be absorbed easily.


Eco friendly wood

Carbon sequestration

Processes do not involve any exploitation of labour

Bonus 12 % payment

Good industrial relation

Profit generating PSU- A mini Ratna of the NE India

Waste into wealth

Fully equipped to plunge into national/ international markets


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