Rubber Plantation


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has witnessed the paradigm shift from Charity, philanthropy and trusteeship to partnership and handholding with an aim to synergize the skills, expertise, strategic thinking, manpower and resources to initiate extensive social change placing the socio-economic development of India on a fast track. Recycling of resources and part of profits enables, empowers and energises the society to contribute towards the sustainable development of resource base.

TFDPC Ltd. a PSU of Tripura government has been making a constant endeavor to rehabilitate the degraded areas and Jhumias through raising of Rubber plantations. So far 2606 Jhumia families have been rehabilitated. Further, the beneficiary oriented plantations have started giving incomes to poor tribals in the interior areas. It is not generating employment in rural areas but also helping people to raise their income levels. In certain areas the income levels have gone upto Rs. 15000 per month per family. Besides a Cenex Factory at Takmacherra, the furniture making unit is working since 2007 using treated Rubberwood and Bamboo. Though, the furniture unit is yet to make profits, TFDPC is generating profits since last 10 years continuously through sale of Rubber into the market. It is also paying dividends to its shareholders regularly. Very recently, It had contributed dividend of Rs. 52.2 lakhs to Tripura Government and Rs.1.74 lakhs to GOI. 

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, TFDPC has embarked upon the pious aim of investing into health and education sector which need more attention in the state. The skill development programmes for youth are being run by TFDPC wherein people are being trained as Tapper, processing worker, carpenters to handle the new machines as per new market requirements. Now, as part of livelihood option enhancement endeavours, people are to be trained in eco- tourism hospitality sector as park attendant, nature interpreters, guides, tourist attendants as corporate social responsibility. It would certainly boost the socio-economic conditions of rural poor. Such trainings not only help the TFDPC but also to rural poor enabling them to eke out their livelihoods.

Further, Adoption of Anganwadi Centres is one such programme wherein the infrastructure improvement has been taken up by TFDPC. The first such centre taken up by the TFDPC is at Kshudirampara AWC located under Kalidaspara ADC Village of Dukli R D Block, which is also inhabited by many of the employees and their families.

Kshudirampara Anganwadi Centre (AWC) is located under Kalidaspara ADC Village under the administrative control of the CDPO,ICDS Project of Dukli R D Block. This AWC was established in the year 2006-07 in a nearby accommodation and subsequently shifted to present building accommodation in the year 2007-08. The AWC is about 300 metre away from TFDPC Industrial Estate, Anandanagar. The adjoining areas of the AWC is mostly inhabited by the Factory Workers of Industrial Estate. This AWC has a pucca room size of 19’4” x 19’2” with bamboo roofing and a kitchen of size 9”7” x 7’8”. The Centre is devoid of electricity facility and fencing all around. This Centre has a big playground with an area of about 3500

Name of AWC- Kshudirampara Anganwadi Centre– Status thereof -

Status of Children


Status of Mother

Age range(Years)

No.of students







3 – 6




Total -


Kishori girl(11-14 years)



Total -



Activities taken up at Kshudirampara AW Centre by TFDPC under Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) :-

      The following activities have been taken up at Kshudirampara AW Centre under Corporate Social Responsibility during 2011-12 at a cost of Rs.1.30 lakhs.

Sl. No.

Name of work


Seating arrangement for children with mat


Desk for students (Age group 3-6 years)


Concrete flooring of kitchen


Repair of existing toilet block


School dress for Children with age group of 3-6 years


Steel almirah (5½ ft height)


Water filter (40 lt. capacity)


Food grain storage item & weighing machine, etc


Swing (Dolna) for children


Balancing swing for children


Establishment of live fencing

1 2

Renovation of Anganwadi Centre building


Lime washing of Kitchen


Display board showing State bird, State flower, State animal & State tree

The PPP partners also contributed school bags and water bottle to the children. This collective effort has won accolades in media as well as political circles. This is the first effort in this direction. TFDPC is embarking upon similar adoption of seven other such AWC within the state, at least one each in each district to start with. The worth mentioning centres are West Ludhwa , Chandra madho para in south district, Battadola in West district, Nalkata in Dhalai and Amarendra in Unakoti district and Juri in North district.
The challenge lies with the residents and inhabitants of the locality to ensure that the assets created are adequately protected and utilised for the benefit of the kids and nursing mothers.